Understanding The World Of E-mail: How It Can Significantly Increase Or Decrease The Costs Of Electronic Discovery – Part I

Jerry F. Barbanel and Thomas W. Avery of Aon Consulting wrote an article for MetroCorpCounsel.com about the complexities of e-discovery relating to messaging system formats. It’s an interesting read given that legal counsel and the courts now need to understand the nuanced differences between an Outlook OST and PST file, Notes NSF and GroupWise archive format. Read the full article , or scan the interesting quotes below.

The greatest cost factor for companies involved in large-scale litigation or governmental matters is the increasing cost of electronic discovery. Electronic discovery costs have been rising at double-digit rates, with no end in sight1. The most significant factor that contributes to electronic discovery costs relates to the enormity of e-mails that have to be collected, processed, hosted, reviewed and produced. With the amount of e-mails created by a company growing at a rate of 30% annually2, it is critically important for companies to master an understanding of this technology as the potential costs of electronic discovery could prove to be devastating.
In the past, the collection and review of backup tapes created significant and excessive costs for most companies. With improved technologies and a thorough understanding of a company’s e-mail infrastructure it is now possible to avoid the unnecessary review of large quantities of backup tapes.

Sonian’s mission is to provide an affordable, reliable, easy to use hosted archive repository that collects data from all your various messaging server infrastructures to support all your e-discovery needs.

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