Store Your Data & Stay In Compliance posted a timely commentary on email archiving issues facing small to medium size enterprises (SME). Historically SME’s have not had access to affordable archive solutions, and thus have “gone without.” Today’s increasingly regulated climate is forcing SME’s to reconsider their view on adopting an archive solution, and they will be looking for the most cost-effective solution to meet their needs.

Sonian can help SME’s meet archive compliance and storage goals with a hosted solution that costs just a few dollars per user per month, including unlimited storage.

The article points out an important distinction between backup and archiving that most SME’s are not aware of:

“From a storage perspective,” Babineau says, “organizations must realize that backup is not an efficient process to manage records.” Because some messages must be kept for certain periods of time, archiving data from primary systems to secondary systems makes the most sense. This, he says, prevents messages from getting repeatedly backed up, still allows access to messages archived in secondary storage systems, and stores only the most recent messages in the primary storage system.