Happy FRCP Anniversary? Sonian is here to help ease the burden

FRCP – the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure – debuted December 2006. Information technology departments across the nation groaned with the burden of yet one more compliance issue to manage. 2007 brings new changes, and a renewed focus to find the most cost effective, simple, reliable way to “get compliant.”

Below is some background information and an update on the 2007 amendments.

The amendments were applied to Rules 16, 26, 33, 34, 37 and 45 and targeted at ESI. The amendments defined a new reality in how email is stored, retained and produced when called for. The amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedure are available at http://www.uscourts.gov/rules/newrules4.html.
Since the FRCP changes, the discovery of email for litigation has become a critical component of legal inquiries. In the past, organizations had to rely on much riskier manual processes to sift through enormous amounts of enterprise data located on production servers, backup tapes, removable media and desktops spread throughout the company. This approach left companies vulnerable because of the sheer volume of emails and files that must be found and sifted through with no assurance the information needed could be uncovered to meet legal requirements. To address the enormous drain on corporate resources, companies are adopting content archiving solutions to automate eDiscovery and rapidly uncover responsive email, files and other data in a cost effective manner to reduce costs and ensure compliance.