Fuzzy Math? DIY Archive versus Hosted

David Berlind posted an excellent article on his ZDNet blog about Google’s $50/yr all-in-one communications and collaboration platform, and how estimating costs for running your own messaging server is hard to determine. It’s definitely an exercise in “fuzzy math.”

Does payback on email alone make Google Apps’ $50/yr. worth it? (Docs, etc? That’s icing) by ZDNet‘s David Berlind — Whenever I talk about doing something crazy like using Google Apps instead of other office suites, a conversation that’s usually driven by my beliefs about computing in the cloud, there are some number of ZDNet readers that chalk it off to insanity or a momentary lapse of reason. Or, maybe I forgot to take [...]

Sonian is proving that operating your own archive in your own data center is more expensive and distracting than using a best of breed hosted provider. That’s because we can offer low (less than $5) fixed pricing per user per month with unlimited storage.

Our data center partners, software design and distributed architecture provides the reliability and security you desire for all your digital assets. Sometimes the Do it Yourself approach is best, but in the archiving case, where storage management and personnel costs are always rising, we can do a better job for you for less cost that you can with a “Do it Yourself” approach.