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Announcing FreeSender is a super-simple free web service you can use to transfer files to anyone, anywhere in the world, just by using a web browser.

How many times have you tried to send a 50Mb ZIP file to someone only to have the message bounce back because the file is too large, or the receiving system doesn’t accept ZIP attachments? FreeSender is the solution to this problem.

FreeSender is the perfect way to send someone a file without having to worry about email attachment size and type restrictions blocking your transmission.

Why are we making this service available for free? Because Sonian is all about providing a “premium” experience for our audience. Premium for us means delivering outstanding value at a fair price. Well in this case we’re making a useful utility available at no cost. It’s our way of showing the market what to expect from Sonian in the future, as we start to launch our hosted archiving service.

Here is some background on FreeSender and why we are making it available for free. FreeSender is powered by Amazon S3 – a revolutionary hosted storage facility that is also used in the Sonian Archive. We have been working with Amazon Web Services for over a year now, prototyping the use of grid storage systems to solve archive and e-discovery problems. FreeSender is a by-product of our research.

Stay tuned for more free services, and the unveiling of Sonian Archive.