Email Archiving an Important Initiative for 2008

Michael Osterman posted the results of a 2008 IT Initiatives Survey in his weekly newsletter. The survey asked CIOs and IT Admins their thoughts on a range of initiatives. Not surprisingly, eliminating spy ware and disaster recovery preparedness were the top 2 goals, with two-thirds of the respondents indicating these were very important initiatives. But an interesting trend is seen with email archiving, which was mentioned by more than half of CIOs as very important for 2008. This is a dramatic change from studies conducted last year, and underscores the rapidly increasing interest in archiving systems for both compliance and storage management.

An interesting finding from the study focused on e-mail archiving: while 56% of respondents told us that deploying or improving their e-mail archiving capabilities for e-discovery purposes was important or extremely important, 67% told us that archiving for storage management was important.