Compass Says Increasing Size and Volume of E-mails Straining IT Resources

This just in from the “This is no Surprise” department:

Recent research from the global IT and business consulting group Compass shows that the size and number of e- mails are skyrocketing. This growth can have a significant impact on business communication, and has serious implications for executives responsible for planning and budgeting IT resources.
Two factors are driving the growth of e-mail: larger and larger files are being sent as attachments, and more and more people are storing these large files as messages in their inboxes. The weekly volumes of e-mail have tripled in the last three years and the average file size has grown from 81K in 2004 to 124K in 2006.

Sonian’s hosted archive service is designed to address the critical email storage problem from both the compliance and storage resource management vectors. Appliance and installed software archive solutions trade the email storage problem for file and SQL DB storage problems. Outsourcing your long-term archive to a trusted provider removes the storage management burden from IT, thus allowing IT to focus on technology projects that enhance competitiveness and achieve strategic goals.