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3DWACB: 3 Days with a Chromebook


Three Days with a Chromebook.

An 8 minute read.

I have been fascinated with Google’s Chromebook since the original Cr-48 prototype launched in December 2010. Being a Google Apps fanboy, I was attracted to the concept of a “thin client” web OS and hardware platform designed for Google Docs and Gmail. And all centered around Chrome the browser and Chromium the OS. (Where does one end and the other begin?)

But until recently I was a vicarious Chromium enthusiast.

It’s taken almost exactly three years for Chromebooks to emerge as the top-selling inexpensive laptop on Amazon. The newest models are constantly sold out, and replenished quickly. They seem to be catching on as fast as “netbooks” did prior to 2010, but not in a fad-like way. Sub-$400 netbooks had a surge in popularity, but trying to run Windows on an underpowered device was a real let down. Chromebooks appeal to value buyers and the OS works well because it is designed for the hardware.

Over the past year I have purchased and configured Chromebooks for three different scenarios; helped a relative replace an old PC, gave a disabled person access to email and created a dedicated Google Hangout walk-up video kiosk pod. But I never spent much of my own time with a Chromebook.

This week I decided to try a Chromebook and here is what I learned.

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