Amazon “Partnering” for Enterprise Cloud Success

GigaOM‘s Om Malik is reporting on a new business development partnership between Amazon Web Services and Eucalyptus Systems. Eucalyptus is the startup providing an open source implementation of the AWS cloud APIs. Eucalyptus allows customers to build their own “private” clouds with AWS API compatibility.

Smart move on Amazon’s part. Amazon’s amazing cloud success puts them in a unique position to maintain a commanding lead in public cloud infrastructure, and now with this partnership they have a great story to tell that bridges the gap between large-enterprise private clouds and their market-leading public cloud.

Enterprise cloud adoption success needs two crucial ingredients combined at the right inflection of market uptick. The first is applications and the second is a credible story how a “private cloud” can evolve to using public cloud resources.

Since Eucalyptus is the open source equivalent of the core AWS API’s, it seems natural and expected for Amazon to partner with the five year old Calif. firm. It’s also noteworthy that neither Amazon nor Eucalyptus want to characterize their partnership as a “hybrid cloud” play. Amazon probably feels that their ability to drive down costs will eventually attract every business to their cloud, over time. so partnering with the company that created the open source AWS API implementation is a great cloud on-ramp strategy.

As for applications, companies like Sonian are already proving that a public cloud is the best infrastructure to support an enterprise-focused SaaS service. Like Eucalyptus, Sonian is also a five year old cloud start-up.  The cloud makes it possible for Sonian to exist, while at the same time the cloud needs services like Sonian to solve a business pain point with an application built from the ground-up to use a public cloud.

It’s amazing what the “new” cloud-industry has accomplished in the past five years. Growth, innovation, and nothing less than a complete paradigm shift in Enterprise IT.